Working with Malibu Artists

by Ian Phillips

Whenever working on a new Malibu home, here at Avalon Construction Corp we love working with local artists. Whether they are young up-and-coming painters or seasoned Malibu sculptors; all artists of the Malibu community are represented throughout our houses. We find it breathes life and character of the community into the house, seamlessly tying the property and the local people together. Michael Torrey, Builder/Designer at Avalon, believes it is important to represent the artist community, thus displaying the artwork proudly throughout his houses.

Located just east of Point Doom in Malibu rests Avalon’s newest property. The house itself is a sleek, museum-quality home which is currently home to over twenty pieces of local art, from paintings, sculptures, and photography, and the pieces can be seen distributed throughout the custom home.

Such artists include: Kandy Lozano, a Malibu resident and contemporary abstract painter that prefers using a geometry that defines the two-dimensional space of her paintings. Karen Bystedt, the founder and photographer of The Lost Warhols brings to life one of the greatest art icons of the twentieth century with her photography. Carmen Stiffleman, an LA sculptor who’s pieces are spiritual, aspirational, and a tribute to wisdom and strength. And the list continues with local artists: Janet Roberts, Jane Seymore, Camel Taylor, and Allie Torrey.

Furthermore, not only are the artist’s works on display but they are for sale as well. Michael Torrey has hosted several fundraising events at his newly built Malibu property giving the artists the opportunity a chance to sell their artwork while still giving back the community and other charities. Raising money for Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, Angels Nest TLP and funds for Porto Rico hurricane victims.

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