Turn your Home into a Smart House

by Ian Phillips

It is safe to say that in today’s day in age ‘smart’ is the new cool. With the rise of the smart phone, smart car and smart TV it was only a matter of time before your house becomes just as smart as you. Now it is easier than ever to personalize your Malibu custom home to the way you like it. Allowing you to live your life the Malibu way, with comfort and ease.


With a Nest Thermostat, you never have to worry about your home being too hot or too cold ever again. The Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adapts as your life and seasons change, because after using the Nest for just a week it programs itself. Independent studies showed that it has saved people an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bill; paying for itself in under two years. Despite the fact that it will significantly cut down on your energy bill, the Nest Thermostat thinks to adjust to your temperature needs even before you do. Also, allowing you to control your house’s climate on your smart phone, so you and the kids will be cozy by the time you get home from soccer practice.

Smoke Detector

The Nest Protect is a smoke alarm that thinks, speaks and alerts your phone. Unlike other smoke detectors, this device has a friendly human voice that will greet you with a heads up when there is burning toast in the kitchen. And when one speaks, they all speak. So the alarm in your bedroom can tell you there’s smoke downstairs, and will send a warning notification to your smart phone.

Security camera

The Nest Cam helps you look after your home 24/7, letting you know about a break-in before it happens. If a stranger was to hop the fence of your Malibu home, the Nest Cam would instantly alert your smart phone and show you a direct feed of your backyard. You can then speak into your device and alert the intruder of your presence whether you are home or not. The Nest Cam records everything and stores up to 30 days of video securely in the cloud.

Deciding to turn your house into a smart house will change your life. Giving you the security you need and comfort you deserve. Giving you the freedom to live the life you want.

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