Storm Preparation & Protection after Woolsey Fires


Following a wildfire, soil conditions are known to produce rock and debris flows. These flows form rapidly, and can be particularly devastating during high-intensity rainfall. Additionally, areas that are not typically prone to flooding may now be at new risk due to higher than usual flows in nearby streams and creeks.

Residents should monitor weather forecasts from the National Weather Service (NWS) and local news agencies to ensure they are prepared for any possible rain and resulting mud and debris slides. In the Woolsey Fire area, there will remain a strong possibility of rockslides and mudslides, especially along PCH, canyon roads, and areas near Malibu Creek.

If rockslides or mudslides threaten public safety, a new evacuation order may be necessary. All residents are urged to comply with any such evacuation orders and evacuate the area as quickly as possible. Residents with limited connectivity who may not receive alerts should consider evacuating prior to the official evacuation order being issued. Protecting your life is most important.

In preparation of expected rain, staff is clearing storm drains throughout the City and will continually monitor rainfall and stream flow for potential rockslides and mudslides, particularly in the heavily burned areas.

Motorists should allow extra time and be prepared for significant travel delays if road closures develop. Motorists should also be aware of rocks and other debris in the roads, particularly along PCH and canyon roads, and proceed with extreme caution.

For the latest local weather forecasts, visit the National Weather Service (NWS) website at www.weather.gov and enter “Malibu” in the box in the upper left section of the page.

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