Specifics of the California Green Building Codes

California green building codes are the rules and regulations written with the sole purpose of improving the safety and health of the general public from any flaw in the design and construction of buildings in the state of California. It ensures that the design and construction of the building is done in accordance to the standards of reduced negative impacts and positive environmental impact. You will have to adopt certain construction exercises in the categories of:

  • Material conservation and resource efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental quality
  • Planning and design
  • Water efficiency and conservation

What caused the introduction of California green building codes

The reasons for the introduction of these green building codes are as follows:

  • Rapid increase in the population of the state of California: The increase in population was followed by an increase in the urbanization of many small towns in the state of California which urgently needed some regulations.
  • Depletion of natural resources: The forest cover in the state of California started to reduce very quickly which put a lot of pressure on the government to bring in this bill. Even the water levels in and around those areas was getting depleted.
  • Haphazard way in which the buildings were being designed: There was no control on how the buildings were being built and how many floors were being built in these buildings.
  • Pressure being put on the environment: The rapid rate of development in the state led to a lot of pressure on the environment, with huge release of green-house gases in the atmosphere during this period.
  • Rapid generation of waste materials: There was a drastic increase in the level of waste generation which was dumped just like that in uninhabited areas without any plans about how to go about with the treatment.

Consequences of the California green building codes

With the introduction of the green building codes, many of the real estate developers had to revise and redefine their practice of constructing buildings in the state in the following manner:

  • All the new and renovated structures had to meet certain sustainability and ecological standards.
  • The cost of building these energy efficient green structures went up significantly.
  • The use of water to make the new structures had to be reduced by twenty percent.
  • It influenced the aesthetics of the buildings that were constructed after its introduction.

Although the green building code was introduced to bring in some positive changes, it has restricted the way in which the buildings were constructed earlier. It has affected the functioning of builders in the state of California like the Santa Monica builders, Pacific Palisades builders and many others.


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