Solar Power Incentives for Malibu Contractors

Malibu contractors have noticed an increase in solar power system installations over the last decade, yet mystery still pervades amongst the general public in regard to the financial aspects of solar power. According to a Harris Interactive survey, 97% of homeowners polled were unaware of the economics of solar power systems and typically overestimated the upfront cost for installation.

The economics of solar power vary greatly depending on many factors.  For Malibu contractors, there are a few key points that are making solar power installations the norm. These key points include solar incentives from federal, state and local programs, and tax credits. There are several technical factors to consider as well, such as the size and pitch of the roof, panel efficiency, and estimated power consumption.  Furthermore, it is estimated that the Malibu region gets approximately 0.5 kWhs of solar energy per square foot every day.  In this regard, considering the amount of sunny days in Malibu, Malibu contractors enjoy efficient power generation from solar power.  This can translate into a lot of power, especially if the square footage of the roof is expansive.

With these three main factors considered: tax incentives, amount of sunny days, and roof sizes, Malibu contractors are typically able to install a solar power system that will pay for itself in 7-9 years.  Today, solar power is no longer an anomaly but rather quickly becoming the norm for Malibu contractors.

Written by Miguel Luna for Avalon Construction Corp

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