Why Solar Energy could be a Smart Idea for your Malibu Home

“Make hay while the sun shines” acquires a new meaning in Malibu, thanks largely to California’s performance on the solar energy front. The state increased its rooftop solar installations in 2013 from 1,000 MW to 2,000 MW. Across the country, 200,000 homes and commercial establishments signed up for rooftop solar panels in the last two years, according to a report.

Incentives and tax credits

Malibu is ideally suited for solar energy projects, thanks largely due to its warm and sunny weather. Malibu custom home builders or general contractors will tell a home owner that going solar will fetch dividends – new solar panel installations would mean several incentives and rebates. A home owner in Malibu can claim a Federal Tax Credit of 30 per cent of the post-rebate price of installation. Using solar panels means that your electricity bills will come down drastically. The tax credit incentive, however, will only be applicable till December 31, 2016.

Solar energy is renewable power and is good for the environment, so, if you are a conscientious person who wants non-polluting green power, installing solar panels is your chance to prove it.

If you are a Malibu general contractor or builder looking to install solar panels, you should also consider the New Solar Homes Partnership, the California Energy Commission’s initiative, for incentives and help regarding installation of solar panels.

Getting it done

Once you have decided on getting a rooftop solar panel installed, you should get in touch with a Malibu contractor or builder who will do it for you. Many home owners are worried about the aesthetics involved – earlier solar panels did not lend a great look to your home, but with several design innovations, they have been made to look aesthetic as well.

Though the initial cost of installation could be high, the savings on subsequent electricity bills far outweighs the costs at the beginning. Before a solar panel is installed, a structural engineer will assess the roof and ensure that are all the right permits are in place . This, has to be done if the home is an old one – if it is a new home, then, your Malibu general contractor or builder has already considered it and is ready. The system, depending on your monthly plan, will be installed by a specialist who will also answer all your questions on the subject, and help you with maintenance. An installation might take anywhere between a couple of days to a week, depending on how big your home is.

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