Saving Energy around the House

With increased environmental awareness and the rush to reduce our carbon footprint, more and more people have started finding ways to save energy around the house. Conserving power, as Malibu contractors have been doing for years, isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also more economical.

When you sit down to make a conservation plan, try to find out where most energy is being used or wasted in your home. Tackle these areas first, figuring out how to optimize your power consumption. Get the whole family involved and set some ground rules that can help control your energy use and help save money.

Here are some easy ways to save energy around the house:

Heating: Heating is responsible for 38% of the total annual energy used in a household, so finding a way to optimize your heating bills can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. The optimum temperature for a household is 68˚ F. When the house is unoccupied all day, you can set it back by 8˚ to reduce energy use. When it isn’t being used, close the damper of your fireplace. A well-insulated home will require les heating in winter. Check the R-value of your insulation and make sure it’s enough to keep the heat in. Having your furnace regularly checked, sealing windows, doors and other small openings, and getting door sweeps for all your external doors will help keep your home warm.

Lights: A lot of the energy we waste goes into lighting around the home. We’ve heard it time and time again but many of us still forget to turn off the lights when we leave a room. Make this a habit with all the members of your family, especially the children, to save energy all year round. When planning the lighting for rooms, try to use task lighting, or localized lighting, as opposed to generally lighting the whole room. Fluorescent bulbs consume little power, so use them for the rooms where lights are used the most. During the holiday season, you can control the power being used by using LED string lights instead of regular bulbs.

Major Appliances: When you buy appliances for the house, look for ones that are marked energy-saving, energy-efficient or with the Energy Star label. Choose refrigerators that have moisture control, and always keep the door closed when you aren’t taking something out of or putting something in the fridge. When using the cooking range, keep the flame blue to reduce gas consumption. Always turn off major appliances like microwaves and washing machines when they are not being used.

Saving energy around the house doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With just a little effort from you and your family, you could play your part in making a change and helping the environment.

Written by Matthew Talbot for Avalon Construction Corp

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