Remodeling Permits: What You Need and Why

When you first plan to remodel your home, permits are the last thing that you worry about. Design, structure, and the look of the remodeled room are the foremost concerns in your mind. However, it is important to do your research and find out what sort of permits are needed for even the smallest of remodels.

Depending on the scale and nature of the project, the needed licenses and certificates will change. You can always consult a Malibu contractor to find out what you will need. Keep in mind that the laws can vary from district to district, and so it is best to consult with local contractors only. Here is a look at some of the permits needed for basic remodels that almost everyone will face.

Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to bathrooms, there are certain tasks that require legal permits while several others do not. Simple projects such as replacing light fixtures, faucets, and cabinets do not require permits. Even replacement of exiting flooring, countertops, and plumbing do not always need licenses. You will however need a permit to:

  • Change the floor plan
  • Add or remove windows and doors
  • Add new duct work
  • Add new plumbing to the existing pipes
  • Add electrical wiring or rerouting

Kitchen Remodel

Similar to bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels call for permits only to tackle the larger tasks. Replacement of floor tiles, countertop tiles, installation of granite tops, replacing the cabinets, and even the replacement of ventilation ducts, plumbing, and electrical connections can be safely carried out without a permit.

Tearing down and repairing problems like drywall that is within a limited range can also be done without a permit. However, the following do require legal consent:

  • Change of the overall floor plan
  • Addition and removal of doors and windows
  • Rerouting the ductwork or adding new ducts
  • New plumbing lines
  • New electrical lines
  • Addition of new gas connections

 Home Additions

When it comes to home additions like adding a deck or a patio, expanding a room, adding a sunroom or other such projects, the need for permits may vary. Malibu custom homes should always be remodeled after consulting an expert. Most of these permits are a way for the city council to keep track of major renovations that take place.

It also allows for you to call an inspector to come and check the work once it has been completed. This inspector can verify the safety and integrity of the new remodel or addition. When you apply for a permit, you will need to present the plans that you have for the remodel, so that it can be verified that you are following all the necessary protocols. Failure to get a permit can result in penalties, and fines.

Always check with a certified Malibu contractor to ensure that you are taking all the steps that you need to. Almost all Malibu general contractor are usually fully licensed and can handle most of the permits and approvals themselves. This can save you a lot of time and effort.

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