Impact of Real Estate Sales for Malibu Construction

A recent article in the Malibu Patch sheds optimistic news for Malibu Construction. The 2012 sales figures of homes over $1 million were dramatically better than 2011 and actually were the best sales figures since 2005. Malibu Construction, Ventura construction, and Los Angeles County construction are showing an increase in sales.

California has made headway in the real estate market, and 2012 saw the highest year-over-year increase in sales since 2004. Although the Malibu Construction market is in a different league than most of the state of California, these numbers suggest that the real estate market is seeing confident buyers and homeowners willing to invest.

For Malibu Construction, the implications of all this is that more projects are stimulating the design and construction of million dollar homes in the Malibu area.

Written by Miguel Luna for Avalon Construction Corp

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