Must-have Design Features for Luxury Master Bedroom Suites

If you live in Malibu and you’re looking for a great way to remodel your home, consider adding a bedroom suite. Master bedrooms are luxurious and beautiful. With a few decorating ideas, and some must-have features, you can have a master bedroom suite that’s to die for.

There are some things that you must include in your master bedroom suite to make it truly world-class. The main thing is plenty of space; about 400 square feet that includes the bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, a spacious shower, separate bathtub, vanity with 2 sinks, and a lovely finish. Of course, there are upscale bedroom suites that are as large as 65 square feet and include sitting areas, a fireplace, a balcony, wet bar, and even a refrigerator.

Where to Start

The first thing you’ll need is a good layout. If you’re building a Malibu custom home, you can plan everything form the ground up. However, you can also add a bedroom suite to an existing home as well. First, make sure that you have privacy in the space you’ve allocated. A suite needs to be away from the rest of the home so that you can escape from the stress of everyday life.

Try to incorporate a magnificent view as well. Avoid overlooking the street, and build large windows that provide a view of nature instead. You also don’t want your neighbors catching a glimpse of you, so windows placed higher up are probably a good idea. Finally, consider if you want the bedroom and bathroom to be separated, or to be opened up into one large suite. Come prefer a corridor that joins the two to maintain some privacy, while others enjoy the luxury of large open spaces to get away from it all.

What You Must Have

Even the most basic master bedroom suite must have the following design features to really add a touch of extravagance and class:

  • A Large Shower: There are several kinds of large showers with multiple shower heads available today. Choose one for your project that meets the constraints of space and budget. 4 feet by 6 feet is usually ideal for even the best showers.
  • Walk-in Closets: A minimum of 7 feet by 10 feet for a walk-in closet will do just fine, but a 10 square feet is preferred for a shared walk-in. You can arrange all your clothes, and have a full-length mirror along with a dressing chair and organizers to accommodate your wardrobes.
  • Grooming Stations: With two sinks in the vanity, you can set up separate grooming stations for him and her. This is a great way to keep your cosmetics and personal items from getting mixed up.

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