Modifications to Make Your Home Green

Green-homes are becoming more and more popular these days for Malibu Construction, as people begin to see the importance of living an environmentally-friendly life. There are plenty of ways to make your home green that take just a little effort and care.

Here are some simple ways to make your home “green” so that you know that you’re doing your part in environment conservation:

Recycle: We are all taught to recycle as children but many of us do not. But if you’re looking for a way to live a greener lifestyle, recycling is a great way to start. All your plastic waste and paper waste can be processed and reused, so that the impact on the environment to produce more of plastic and paper is reduced. Put out some recycling bins and encourage your family to get involved in recycling.

Composting: Instead of throwing all that vegetable waste in the garbage, you can create a simple compost pit. In a corner of your backyard, you can have a compost pit which will turn all your vegetable and kitchen waste into rich fertilizer for your garden. This way you’re also cutting back on using chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers, like compost, put nutrients back into the soil and greatly improve the life of your plants.

Conserve Water: It’s important to conserve potable drinking water as much as possible. Fresh water is a scarce commodity in many countries, so using it wisely will make a difference. Don’t let the faucet run when you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes. Install low-flow toilets in your bathrooms; they use less water than regular toilets do. Don’t over-water your garden in the summer, and certainly do not wash your car or driveway every week.

Gardening: Set up a green garden in your front or backyard. It will liven up the outside of your house and is also great for the environment. Use the compost from your compost pit as a natural and organic fertilizer that enriches the soil. This naturally deters weeds and makes your plants stronger. If you want to buy pesticides for your garden, then consider the environmental-friendly ones. They are less harmful to the water bed. They will also be safer for you and your family in the long run.

Green Appliances: When you’re buying new appliances for the house, choose ones that are energy efficient and don’t take a lot of power to run. If there are old appliances you don’t use that are simply taking up space, throw them out. Research brands before buying, this will help you to buy appliances that use less power.

In addition to the above, little changes like buying more locally-grown produce, insulating your home well, choosing energy efficient lighting and reducing plastic use will make a big difference. At Avalon Construction Corp we can help you in making your home environmentally-friendly.

Written by Matthew Talbot for Avalon Construction Corp

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