Adding Greek Touches to Your Home

Having a Mediterranean home is a dream for many people around the world. The welcoming designs, artistic flourishes, and vibrant colors are things that inspire calm and tranquility. Bringing this Greek imagery into your home doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think.

At Avalon Construction Corp we provide many services to help you design and remodel your home into a Greek-inspired paradise. With a slight makeover and few additions, you can get the perfect look you want for your home.

Color Palette: Greek homes normally use light and fresh colors which are usually shades of white and blue. Cream colored rugs, white linens, and ivory sofas can be offset with cobalt accessories and aquamarine accent walls. To make your rooms look more interesting, it is important to avoid using varieties of the shade, with darker and lighter colors.

Mosaic Patterns: Mosaic designs made of broken ceramic tiles will add an instant look of Greece to any home. Forget old bathroom tiles and choose mosaic tiles instead. Use shades of white and blue to make your bathroom look beautiful. You can even have a mosaic fresco in the living room or garden. Patterns such as spirals are very predominant in Greek architecture, so a few mosaic spiral designs can bring some charm too.

Light and Air: An important aspect is to allow a lot of sunlight and fresh air into your home. This is what really creates the openness and freshness that Greek homes have. Large windows with white frames and light-weight or airy curtains are a good choice. If you’re considering a major remodeling project, you could even add skylight to brighten any room. Every room should be well-ventilated and should get a good amount of natural light.

Plants and Décor: Choosing décor items for your Greek-styled home can be a fun and challenging project. Use the blue and white palette and try selecting some vases and glass bottles in interesting shapes. The items you choose should be simple and elegant without drawing too much attention to themselves. Subtlety is important when it comes to choosing the perfect décor. If you want to add a dash of luxury, choose one item, such as a gilded decorative mirror frame or a single extravagant chair that stands out among the others. Adding fresh plants and flowers in vases will also bring your rooms to life.

With help from Avalon Construction Corp, you can turn your Malibu home into a Mediterranean home of your dreams.

Written by Matthew Talbot for Avalon Construction Corp

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