Malibu Architecture Gets International Recognition

President and principal designer Michael J. Torrey, from Avalon Construction a local design build company received International recognition on two highly esteemed life style and real estate websites for our Calpine Project. The house was built in 2016, and the finishing touches are currently being added.

The quiet equestrian neighborhood overlooks the beautiful Santa Monica mountains that roll along the 26 miles of Malibu’s Pacific coast line. With a trail head just around the corner; horseback riders, hikers, cyclist can access the more then 500 miles Santa Monica mountain trails. The property was a vacant lot before and typically used by the local horseback riders as a place to circle about or take in the view. To pay tribute to them we have created a space for a little coral on the front corner of the property for those riders stopping by for a visit.

Michael’s vision included creating a fabulous fresco kitchen that provided a unique indoor/outdoor entertaining and dining experience. The home is a modern industrial ranch with linear floor plan and tall ceilings that create a dramatic large volume in the center of the home. Various steel elements accent the house, such as the 6 ft. by 10 ft. Corten steel pivot door crowned by the steel framed cantilevered entry and most notably the two exposed 21-inch-tall steel beams that run the length of the 86-ft. long center volume where the kitchen takes stage The kitchen was designed to accentuate the Southern California lifestyle with a 27’ wall of glass that opens to extend the kitchen onto the exterior wood deck overlooking the pool and scenic views. Part of that goal was for the elements of the kitchen (i.e: materials/finishes) to complement the modern aesthetic of the home, as well as the complement the color and texture palette in the surrounding mountain landscape. The 33’x 22’ footprint of the kitchen was used to achieve a space that could host entertainment and work stations at multiple locations throughout, as it was an important aspect/goal for the kitchen that it be flexible to numerous combinations of uses. To aid in this goal, the layout of cabinets and islands along with appliances strategically dispersed throughout the island and wall cabinets allowing for multiple cooking, beverage and prep stations were instrumental in creating a diverse kitchen for intimate or social gatherings with function and flow. This design choice provided an industrial edge to modern home, without losing its warm and inviting ambience with the use of natural wood veneers and floor to ceiling windows connecting all of nature’s elements in use and visually.

This is a home for an art lover, a community person or family, a horseback rider or simply someone who enjoys watching the riders head up the trail. It’s a perfect fit for singles or family, that want to enjoy their home and feel the enjoyment and pride of the space. Michael’s passion is designing and building custom homes, with great care and consideration, as it would be his very own home to live in, custom designing everything from the entry door to the kitchen hood. He designs and builds to sell, so he can continue to do it again…

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