Everything You Need to Know About LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a series of ratings systems for construction, operation, maintenance and design of green homes, neighborhoods and buildings. This rating system was developed by the US Green Building Council to help building operators and owners be more environmentally responsible by using resources efficiently. If you are planning to build a home in the Santa Monica area, remember to keep the environment in mind. Santa Monica Builder can help you do so by designing your home in an eco-friendly manner.

Benefits of LEED certification

The LEED certification is a thorough third party commissioning process that offers compelling proof to your clients, peers and the general public that you have achieved the environmental goals set by the US Green Building Council and that your building is designed properly. Attaining the certification allows the holder to take advantage for the growing number of local and state government incentives which can help increase the press interest in your building project.

Levels of certification

 There are four certification levels in LEED for new construction projects – Certified, Gold, Silver and Platinum. Each level corresponds to the accrued credits in five green design categories which are energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality, water efficiency, resources and materials as well as sustainable sites. The LEED standards cover all major renovation projects, commercial construction, existing building operations and interior projects.

How to get certified

 Building professionals who wish to attain the LEED certification must follow the policies set by the US Green Building Council on their website. The professionals will find all the information regarding the certification process, checklists, LEED Documents and reference guides. The standards are available for the following types of projects

  • Existing building operations
  • Homes
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Core and Shell Projects
  • Commercial Interior projects
  • Major Renovation projects and
  • New commercial construction

The website also has a list of the LEED certification projects, information on the LEED training workshops, a directory of all the LEED certified professionals and a green building industry conferences calendar.

Tips on attaining the LEED certification

 To get the LEED certification for your Santa Monica custom home, you must set a clear environmental target. You must set your goal on what level of certification you wish to achieve and set aside a budget for it. Do not set your sights to low as well. Keep your budget flexible enough to include more expenditure for higher-level certification if it is achievable. Make sure that you stick to the goal and your budget and do not waiver from either. Consult with LEED professionals if you need more advice on how to achieve the certification.

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