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Malibu’s aura is manifested by its “27 Miles of Scenic Beauty.” It has evolved into its own entity within the vastness of Los Angeles County. The views, waves, rolling hills and rural charm attract many to enjoy what it offers. For many it is a place they call home, which brings a responsibility to protect and maintain its rich history and characteristics.

June Louks, a long time Malibu resident, has been heavily involved within the community through various platforms. Her belief stems from the approach that there is no such thing as a ‘small problem’. Every situation has some sort of negative or positive contribution to the area, therefore each issue should be treated with a high level of urgency. In January, June officially met all requirements necessary to run for City Council, a position she has strived for over the last couple years. Her consistent and impressive commitment in the local sector has prepared her to take the next step and represent the community on the City level

With a Bachelor of Arts from UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design, June understands the relationship between the artificial and the natural. What makes June the right candidate for the position is the passion  to share her knowledge to as many people as possible. Education is a gift that should be spread to the masses, and for Malibu’s future, this attitude is the only way it will continue to flourish.

Three pillars support her campaign: Protect Rural Character, Safeguard Our Environment and Strengthen Our Community Voice. Her goal is to rejuvenate the Mission Statement the City of Malibu established for itself in 1992. She believes the City has steered off on a tangent, and it is crucial the City refocuses its agenda to uphold the ideals that the city are founded on. As one of the most popular beach communities in California, Malibu has the opportunity to be an innovator and trendsetter for the rest of the state. Setting the standard should not be a choice, but a must if Malibu wants to obtain “its 27 miles of scenic beauty.” The catalyst of making this possible is education. As a mother of four, she is driven to make sure Malibu is a place her family will enjoy growing and living in for many years to come. Building relationships with local schools, business owners and its residents will help strengthen a harmonious voice she believes has been neglected at the City level.


Avalon Construction Corp’s President Michael Torrey with City Council Candidate June Louks

At Avalon Construction Corp we take pride in our work by always being conscious of our surroundings. Construction should add to the environment, not deface it. June Louks understands that creating a beautiful and vibrant structure begins by focusing on the little things. We believe she is the voice Malibu needs to rejuvenate the principals and ideals that attracted all of its residents to move here and call it home.



To learn more about June and her vision for Malibu you can go to her campaign’s website: Louks for Malibu. It provides an event calendar listing all of June’s appearances up to election day on April 8th, links to her Twitter and Facebook pages, and video endorsements from Malibu residents, including one from Michael Torrey.


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