3 Home Design Features That Entertainers Will Want to Consider

If you enjoy hosting parties but fear your home space is not as suitable for the purpose as it could be, consider the following features. Does your residence have them? Do they include all the details that would make them optimal for party-giving?

1. Back patio

Outdoor entertaining has advantages: you don’t have to worry about fitting your guests into a single room, spilled food and drink falls harmlessly to the ground, and a cool breeze keeps your guests comfortable much better than an overworked air conditioner.

A back patio gives you a stable place to set up tables and chairs to make your guests comfortable. Make sure the size is appropriate for the number of people you plan to entertain. Consider a covered patio with mounted ceiling fans, which offers more freedom to entertain outdoors on warm days.

2. Backyard fire pit

Fire pits have grown in popularity in recent years — and why not? A fire pit allows you to meld the homey comforts of a den or family room fireplace with the camaraderie of a cozy campfire.

Ring your fire pit with benches, or have them built into a permanent pit area, to provide plenty of seating and lengthen the outdoor entertaining season into the crisp evenings of fall. You can have your guests roast their own hot dogs, or make s’mores while telling their favorite stories.

If you choose a portable fire pit, make sure you have a stable surface that’s a safe distance from your home for the pit.

3. Kitchen features for entertaining

For indoor entertaining, the kitchen often becomes a focal point. There are two essentials to consider when designing a kitchen for this purpose: how can it help prepare large quantities of food, and whether it can provide a central serving area for food and drink.

Look for a kitchen with a professional-grade range or cooktop that has enough space to use several burners at once. A double oven can give you one place in which to keep food warm while the other is cooking something else. An oversized refrigerator will ensure you have plenty of room for extra drinks.

Often overlooked is a vented hood over your cooktop. A good vent will keep smoke under control, even if something accidentally burns.

A large, open island (without a sink or cooktop), or an eating bar with an extra-wide countertop, will provide ample space to lay out your snacks and hors d’oeuvres. If you’re hosting a full meal, the serving dishes can make use of the same large counter area, which frees up space for a nice centerpiece on the dining table. A “pass-through” kitchen that lets guests walk from the den or family room to the dining room will be especially convenient.

Written by James Parsons for Avalon Construction Corp

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