What You Should Ask When Hiring a General Contractor

Hiring a Malibu general contractor to undertake new construction or renovations can be a great help to any homeowner. General contractors can handle different kinds of projects including kitchen renovations, home additions, bathroom renovations, landscaping, and many more.

However, before you hire a Malibu contractor to renovate your home, you are charged with the task of finding the right contractor for you. Here are a few things to always check before you commit to any contractor:

Ask about their work experience: Although the company you hire may boast several years of experience, it’s best to ask the contractor who will personally be overseeing your renovation, and how many years he has had on the job. It’s also important to ask whether they have handled similar cases successfully, and whether or not your case is unique. In addition, try to find information about the team that will be working for you, and how long they have worked together.

Check their licenses: General contractors will need licenses and permits to work on homes. Make sure that their licenses and permits are still valid and that they meet all the requirements of your state. Every state has different rules about contractor licenses, so make sure to do your homework before you talk to the contractor. Permits are meant to guarantee that contractors follow all codes and regulations involved with construction. Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor to show that they have the required permits before renovations are started.

Ask if they have liability insurance: Almost all general contractors will have their own liability insurance. This protects homeowners in case their house suffers any damage because of the work being done. It also means that contractors injured on the job will be covered. Ask the contractors to show you a copy of their liability insurance forms, just to be safe.

Request a list of references: Getting a list of references and phone numbers of previous clients will help you understand how the contractors work. Existing clients will be able to tell you whether the staff was friendly, if they were on time, and how well the job was completed.

Always get a quote: Get a written quote from every general contractor that you meet with. Most contracting companies will provide you with a free quote based on the job at hand. When you get the quotes, compare them, and make a choice, keeping in mind that the lowest bidder isn’t necessarily the best choice. A cheap contractor may end up doing a cheap job. Once you have all the information you need, you can make an informed decision about which contractor is right for you.

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Written by Matthew Talbot for Avalon Construction Corp

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