A Guide to Malibu Coastal Development Permits

The nature of your project will determine which review process will be required. 
For a very simple project, planning approval may be issued “Over the Counter.” A simple interior remodel would be in this category. 
More complex projects can be divided into two categories those that require a Coastal Development Permit (CDP)

Applying for a Coastal Development Permit:

Some or all of the following documents will be required in order to apply for a (CDP).

  1. Uniform Application
  2. Submittal Checklist
  3. Proof of Ownership
  4. Letter of Authorization
  5. Application fee
  6. Declaration of Posting
  7. Copies of previously issued CDPs
  8. Complete set of plans including: Site Survey, Site Plan, Color Coded Slope Analysis, Architectural Plans, Grading, Drainage and Erosion Control Plan
  9. Biological Inventory
  10. Septic Plot Plan
  11. Water Quality Checklist
  12. Preliminary Hydrology Report
  13. Geology and Soils Reports
  14. Wave Action Report
  15. Public Beach Access Locations / Information
  16. Written Evidence of Review and Determination from State Lands Commission
  17. Site Access Information
  18. Property Owner and Occupant Mailing Labels and Radius Map
  19. Feasible Alternatives Report

The report shall include pre-development and post development runoff flow rates by the project site, for a 100 year clear flow storm event. If the post development flow rate exceeds the pre-development flow rate, show the proposed location of all detention and drainage facilities, existing and new, impacted by the project.

After Your Project is Submitted

After your project has been submitted, a set of your plans will be forwarded to some or all of the following: City Biologist, City Geologist, Coastal Engineer, Public Works Department, and City Environmental Health Specialist. A set of plans and a referral sheet will be returned to you for the Fire Department. It is the applicant’s responsibility to deliver the plans and referral sheet to the Los Angeles County Fire Department and obtain the Fire Department’s approval.

Follow the links below to receive more information,  specialists contact information, to set up appointment and a flow chart of the process for your upcoming project.

For More General Information and Contacts Click Here.

Coastal Development Permit Process Chart


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