What makes a Great Builder?

by Ian Phillips

When looking to design and build your dream home you want to make absolutely sure you have the perfect builder for you, and therefore, choosing the right builder should not be taken lightly. That is why here at Avalon Construction Corp, we start by understanding your needs, lifestyle and how you would like to live in your new custom home or remodel because your dream is our priority. So, when you are looking for the builder that is perfect for you and your family, here are a few things Avalon believes you should consider:

Are they busy?

A good builder will have a good reputation and will always have clients lining up for their services. They will be busy with many projects, but will always welcome new projects and new clients. If a builder has no current work, you should ask yourself: why?

But not too busy

A builder should be working on many projects, however, they should still be able to add you to their queue. Be wary of a builder that has too much on their plate, where they start on your job and then disappear not answering your calls. Make sure to ask your builder how many projects they currently have underway before you hire them.

Is on time

When your builder is on time to your meeting it is a clear sign of their time management skills. The builder who arrives late to a meeting are more likely to be late to their job or a deadline. Time is everything in the construction business and every second counts.

Ask for recommendations

A simple way to vet builders is to ask your family members, friends, and neighbors. When you are referred a builder by someone you trust you can guarantee that they will be trustworthy and able.

Answers your calls

Most builders will answer your first call like a professional. However, what is really telling is if they are still answering your calls further down the line, because the last thing you want is to have to chase down your builder just to discuss ideas. This is very telling of how important their clients are to them.

Tells it to you straight

Although you want the en suite spa bath for your master bathroom, your budget might not allow it and it is your builders job to give it to you straight. You want your builder to be knowledgeable and realistic with your vision, budget and deadline. The last thing you want is for your builder to say “yes” to everything, only to discover your budget does not allow it.

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