Are Full-Time Employees or Subcontractors Better for Your Malibu Construction?

When having repairs or renovations done on your Malibu home, there is one debate that you are bound to face. Should you hire a contractor who employs subcontractors, or one who keeps full-time employees? Both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the needs of the customer.

Deciding who is better to trust with the renovation of your home depends on several factors. From cost and experience, to loyalty and insurance coverage, each of them comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons that come from contractors with subcontractors working under them, and those who hire full-time employees.

Pros and Cons of Subcontractors

The pros of having a contractor who employs subcontractors are:

  • Less Overhead: The contractor is likely paying them less than he would pay full-time employees. This translates to savings for you on your renovation, repair, or construction.
  • Work on Demand: There is less likelihood of a subcontractor calling in sick and not showing up for a job. He would be replaced by another subcontractor to fulfill their obligation to the contractor. Because of this, your work is likely to get done faster.
  • More Focused: Subcontractors are brought in from a third party, and are here to offer their services to the contractor in charge of the renovation or remodel. They are less likely to waste time on the job, or slack off.

The disadvantages that come with subcontractors are:

  • Less Control: Sometimes, even your contractor may not be able to control the entire project when he hires subcontractors. Since they are not a cohesive team who communicates all the time, there may be chances of a communication gap between the contractor and his men.
  • Changing Rates: If the subcontractor’s rates change for whatever reason, your contractor may pass these changes up to you. This could mean a sudden increase in rates in the middle of your project.

Pros and Cons of Full-time Employees

The advantages that come with a contractor and his full-time team are:

  • More Dedication: Since this team is cohesive and has likely worked on multiple projects together, they are more eager to represent their company in a positive light. They are dedicated to their jobs and their boss.
  • Better Communication: All the previous experience also means that the employees have established lines of communication and problem-solving tactics.
  • Better Rapport: They are also more likely to work well together, because they have experience from working together before, on similar remodels.
  • Structured Workflow: It’s also more likely that they have established roles and better teamwork than a team of subcontractors. These employees know each other and what each one is capable of accomplishing

Some of the possible disadvantages of hiring a contractor and his employees are:

  • Rates: The contractor that you hired has to pay his employees’ salaries, and ensure that they have insurance coverage too. This could mean that you pay more for this team.
  • Familiarity: Some contracting teams are known to slack off on the job. If the employees are too familiar with each other or their boss, this could lead to extensions on the project. The one who ultimately pays the price is you, the customer.

Instead of carrying on the debate about which kind of team is better, it may be a good idea to see who does a better job. There are plenty of Malibu contractors with good reputations and fantastic references. With some research and interviewing, you’ll find the ideal team for all your home remodel needs.

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