Why You Should Have an Energy Efficient Home

by Ian Phillips

Custom built energy efficient homes are instrumental in saving the environment. These homes also help the homeowner save significant amounts of money every year by reducing electricity usage and providing a number of other benefits. Throughout this article we will go into further depth of the substantial advantages owning an energy efficient home can have on you, your family, and your community.

1. You Save Money. Buying energy saving appliances and investing in energy efficient home remodels will go a long way by helping you save hundreds  of dollars every year. If you use energy efficient appliances, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bills. Energy efficient light bulbs like CFLs, halogens and LEDs can help save 30-80% on energy bills.

2. Help Improve Your Economy. Apart from helping the individual in saving energy costs, energy efficient homes can also allow people to save the country’s money on a much larger scale. The figure can go up to $500 billion a year amongst citizens and businesses in energy costs that have been avoided.

3. Help the Environment. When we utilize less energy in our homes, natural resources are saved, thus promoting a greener way of life. The more homeowners invest in energy efficient housing, the greater the impact on the environment we live in. Thus, helping the earth and promoting a greener and cleaner place to live in.

4. Improve Your Quality of Life. Insulating your house will keep the AC inside during the summer and the cold outside during the winter. You will have to replace less light bulbs making maintaining your house hassle free and easy.

5. Better Performance. Energy efficient homes have thermal regulators that often maintain the temperature between 64 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon you preference. Thus, optimizing health and comfort between individuals. In a thermally regulated home, the air will be dry which is healthier and safer for vulnerable individuals like elderly people, people with allergies and small children.

Investing in an Energy Efficient Home is the single best thing you can do for you and your community. Saving you money and promoting the longevity of the Earth that you live on.

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