What Design Build Means?

As a Malibu design build firm, we are sometimes asked what design build means. The answer is interwoven in the history of architecture, engineering and construction, as well as, in today’s modern tools and approach to the challenges of designing and building structures.

Historically, the meaning of an architect was different than it is today. Vitruvius, an architect from Roman times, would have been responsible for not only the design of a structure, but also for the engineering and construction management of said structure. In the 1500’s, Andrea Palladio become one of the most influential architects in history and designed and built many villas, palaces and churches during his time. His workshop was responsible for the whole process from design to construction. Perhaps Brunelleschi can be considered histories ultimate architect, engineer and contractor. He is renowned for his design, engineering and construction of the Duomo of the Florence Cathedral. As these historical figures showed, design, engineering, and construction was typically the realm of one firm. Malibu design build firms such as Avalon Construction Corp believe in the advantages this method provides with the delivery of a project.

The industrial revolution changed all that with the advent of the factory, systems, and specialization. The process of designing and building transformed into highly specialized individual fields. Today we see specialized firms such as landscape architects, plumbing engineers, and airport building contractors.

Recently though, design build firms have been coming back in vogue. With advances in technology and communications, firms have become better equipped in meeting the demands of design and construction in today’s complex world. This design build expertise and the work that it entails, is what the Malibu design build firm, Avalon Construction Corp, offers to its clients.

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