A competition for the City of Malibu

Throughout the years we have been involved in Malibu construction, there have been various initiatives throughout Southern California that have inspired designers and builders to create better and bigger ideas. Recently, New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg, put forth an idea that could be applied to Malibu construction and lifestyle in an interesting way. Bloomberg’s plan calls for a competition to improve city life and establish a more efficient government. It would be exciting if the City of Malibu would follow Bloomberg’s lead and propose a competition for Malibu’s designers and builders to present their ideas for improving an area, pursue further development in green building and sustainability, or design a complete master plan concept. Competitions could also include concepts for improving Malibu’s construction process, Malibu’s expediting process, and government procedures to decrease wasted time and expenses.

This would be a truly valuable experience for the City of Malibu’s citizens, designers, architects and contractors, joining together in a competitive manner for the improvement of our city’s lifestyle and efficiency.

This competition could potentially improve Malibu construction, which would be a source of pride for all its citizens.

Written by Miguel Luna for Avalon Construction Corp

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