How to Choose the Perfect Statement Piece for Your Home

Most people, when decorating the rooms in their homes, tend to keep the decoration simple. Minimal furniture in predictable colors and textures is what you’ll find in many homes. Adding creative accessories or interesting pieces can be quite difficult if you don’t know where to draw the line.

Adding a statement piece in the room is a good way of breaking the design rules without creating chaos. Finding the perfect statement piece is not an easy task. But if you are willing to find a statement piece, it will be an interesting task. A statement piece will add beauty to any room in your home. Here are some things to keep in mind when you look for those perfect statement pieces for your residential property:

Keep it Unique: Custom-designed pieces are always good, but make sure you keep them simple. Try not to choose anything too catchy. You wouldn’t want your statement piece to look like it’s trying too hard to draw attention. Try going for a classic design in a bright or unexpected color. You could also have a dramatic and eye-catching piece in a neutral or classic shade. Changing too many elements of the design will reduce the effect of the piece, rather than add to it. Unique is good, but garish is not always good.

Limit the Number: A statement piece does not always have to be one single item. It may be a collection of similar items grouped together, or it may even be a series of items. Limiting the number of statement pieces in a room can prevent your room from looking confused. Choose which direction you want to draw attention to and highlight a single piece or a single series in the room. Anything that clashes or draws attention away from it can be moved. Try to keep the furniture in this room neutral as well.

 Style around it: Instead of trying to match a statement piece to your existing décor, choose the statement piece first. Once you’ve selected a design and color that you’re happy with, style the rest of the room around it. Tie everything together with similar hues and textures that resemble, but do not detract from the statement piece.

Placement: Place the statement piece in a part of the room where it brings the room to life, but doesn’t make it hard to move around. Just because it’s making a statement doesn’t mean it has to be in the center of the room. Pick a corner to highlight and place it there, or perhaps have an entire wall that stands out and have your statement piece positioned against it. Luxury doesn’t always have to be center-stage to be noticed.

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