Benefits of Building a House on the Beach

by Ian Phillips

If you are resident in Malibu, California I can already guess you love the beach. Whether you live for hitting the waves in the early morning or enjoying a long afternoon hike followed by a beautiful ocean sunset; nature is your playground here. So it would only make sense to build a home where your heart is.

Building your home off the beach offers many advantages besides the obvious. For one, beach houses offer you more space and more house for your money. You no longer have to share the beach when visiting for the day, the beach is yours now and forever. You have an endless scenic view down the long stretch of Malibu beach, with a variety of relaxing and enjoyable activities that come with it: paragliding, surfing, kayaking, biking and walking the beach front to name a few.

Another advantage of living beachside is having more privacy in and around your house than you normally would in many other inland locations. The only sounds you hear in the morning are waves crashing and birds chirping, greeting you into your day.

One of the best factors in living by the beach is that fragrant, refreshing sea breeze. Make sure your home has an open concept design in order to let light and air travel freely throughout your spaces. You can enhance ventilation by adding a sliding glass door and large windows that open on either side. You will get a nice breeze with good air circulation, keeping interior air from becoming stagnant.

Unlike other beach houses that are on the market, when you purchase and build your own home you have much less to worry about when it comes to ocean protection. Custom-building your home will ensure that it’s up to all of the newest codes and regulations and is protected as much as possible against flooding, erosion and other similar issues.

So when you finally decide to live the way you have always dreamed. Michael Torrey at Avalon can help build your very own beach home to suit your every need.

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